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Dall Sheep and Mountain Goats

Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep season runs from August 10th - September 20th.

Our Dall Sheep hunts are conducted in the Chugach Mountains and the Alaska Range. These areas are breathtaking, rugged mountains. Sheep hunts in Alaska are always rather physical as the sheep reside in the upper cliffs of steep mountain terrain. It’s a challenging hunt with amazing views and great adventure along the way.  Sheep hunts are backpack style hunts and do require good physical condition.

Alaska Range Hunts:  Alaska Range Dall Sheep are exceptional animals with the area (near the border of Denali National Park) holding an excellent population of sheep.  Many amazing trophies are produced here as average age of a harvested Dall ram is 9.5 years of age.  Alaska Range sheep hunts start with the use of a bush plane to where we will set up base camp to hike out of for your trophy Dall Sheep hunt.

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Mountain Goat

This is a challenging hunt in spectacular country. Hunt for one of the most majestic trophies ever. The later goat hunts produce long haired trophies with average horn length of 9" with great potential for a 10" trophy goat. Sheep and Goats reside among the cliffs of high mountains, so these hunts can be very physical and mentally challenging.

Mountain goat hunts are run out of our special use permit area with the Chugach National Forest, Cordova Ranger District.  This is an excellent trophy area where trophy quality goats reside among the cliffs and peaks. The area is accessed by  float plane.  We travel along rivers and lakes where goats can occasionally be spotted and glassed before the uphill hike begins. Normally our base camp will be along the river or lake and we will spike out after the goat.  Goat hunts are an excellent hunt to combine with black bear or brown bear.  We will make every effort to successfully harvest your trophy in a safe manor.

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